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Alex Liu IBM Watson 2016Dr. Alex Liu is one of the world's top experts for data driven research methodologies. He is known for his work on big data analytics and machine learning as applied to business and social research, and currently serves as the president of the Global Association for Research Methods and Data Science as well as a director of the RMDS Lab. Dr. Liu is a thought leader on data science as certified by IBM, a distinguished data scientist as certified by the Open Group, and continues to serve as an advisor to the Harvard Data Science Review. He is a lead developer of data science ecosystem approaches as well as the RM4Es with AI, and a frequent speaker at industrial conferences such as IBM THINK and ODSC.

Before serving as a director for RMDS Lab since December 2019, Dr. Liu served as a Chief Data Scientist for a few corporations including IBM, RS and TRG. Before that, Dr. Liu taught advanced research methods to Ph.D. candidates in the University of Southern California and the University of California at Irvine, while consulted for many well known organizations including the United Nations, Ingram Micro, and Sears. Dr. Liu is one of very few known experts who has applied data science to a wide range of fields from marketing effectiveness, risk scoring, natural disaster prediction, to aging, health care, democracy, spiritual capital and philosophy. Alex's special data science approach centers on bringing up positive social impacts with technologies, for which he received many awards include the Outstanding Service Award from the Graduate Student Association in USA, Nonprofit Campaign Award from the Media Alliance, MIB business innovation award, the outstanding service award from USAID, the AIU teaching innovation award, the IBM Solution award, the IBM Hero award, the 2023-2024 Banner I. Miller Award from the American Meteorological Society and the Fulbright Fellowship,

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Alex Liu 2018 Sweden SpeakingYC Liu XiGongDaAlex has a Ph.D. of Quantitative Sociology and a M.S. of Statistical Computing from Stanford University.

His publications include "Transforming Healthcare with Big Data and AI",  "Apache Spark Machine Learning Blueprints", "Structural Equation Modeling and Latent Variable Approaches", "Building Regression Models in Social Science", "Building Structural Equation Models in Social Science", "4Capital Theory - Material Capital, Intellectual Capital, Social Capital and Spiritual Capital" and "Patterns and Results of the Third Democratization Wave".



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Please click  HERE  for Alex's profile at LinkedIn | Please click HERE to read Alex's recent writings

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